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Grow Revenue, Instead of "Engagement"

Every software company wants to scale, and every one of them can leverage Growth practices to get there.

This is especially true for SaaS orgs that sell to SMBs, because succeeding in that space requires margins and volume that high-touch Sales can't reach, but Growth can.

The current Growth playbook, however, was established by Consumer companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on.

Those companies could afford to grow big first and figure out profitability later, but B2B requires squeaky-clean unit economics in order to keep doubling revenue.

Instead of trying to get people hooked, Value Paths helps you solve customer problems at scale, and double down on the ones that are impacting your revenue growth the most.

You don't need to "go viral"; you just need to serve customers and stack dough.

We believe we can help you with both of those.

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Samuel Hulick

Samuel Hulick

co-founder, Value Paths
  • Obsessed with Design & Revenue
  • 15 years in SaaS UX/Growth
  • Founded UserOnboard
  • Loves SaaS, cacti, and the NBA
Yohann Kunders

Yohann Kunders

co-founder, Value Paths
  • Customer Value whisperer
  • Joined UserOnboard in 2018
  • Prev: Growth at Chargebee & Airbase
  • Loves cooking, philosophy, and dogs

We've helped hundreds of companies improve conversions with better self-serve onboarding.

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We're now applying our battle-tested playbook to your entire customer lifecycle, especially when it comes to improving retention and expansion.

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