🎯  Customer Value Research  🎯

Are you...

•  Seeing customers churn before they've truly experienced your product?

•  Wondering how to align your efforts around high-LTV customer outcomes?

•  Trying to understand which behavioral cues to invest in designing around?

Find out EXACTLY what your customers value

If you want to help new customers find value, start by talking to the successful ones.

Not only have they already found value, but they've paid (repeatedly) to experience more of it.

We've developed a bulletproof, lightweight research process to turn customer conversations into your tailor-made retention secret sauce.

Learn which outcomes are powering your revenue

Different kinds of customers use your product to achieve different kinds of outcomes. Which segments actually create revenue? Identify high-LTV outcomes to carve out the most high-value segments in your customer base.

Identify how to get new customers to value

Once you know the SPECIFICS of how successful customers are recruiting your product towards outcomes they care about, you can design a process that gets new customers to those outcomes more reliably.

Give your teams a leg up when it comes to serving your users

The more your marketing, product, and CS teams know about what value means to your customers, the better they can speak to the motivations, frustrations, and joys of using your product to improve their circumstances.

How it works

We get in touch with customers at a milestone moment in the customer lifecycle (like upgrading, renewing, or expanding their product use) to better understand what's driving their engagement with your offering.

Over the course of the project, you get:

  • 50 customer interviews (we handle the customer outreach and the interview setup)
  • 50 situation explorers (we ask customers targeted questions about their desired outcomes)
  • An outcome analysis (we identify which outcome patterns create the most value for your business)
  • An outcome **roadmap** (we provide recommendations for how to leverage revenue-generating outcomes for better growth)

Timelines, requirements, and costs

The project is priced at $40k, and usually takes 3 months from start to finish.

All we need from you:

  • An email ID at your company
  • A list of customers to talk to

We run the outreach process from end to end, sending out a brief but engaging email to customers at an emotionally charged moment in their lifecycle, asking if they'd like to get on a call.

To line up 50 interviews, we usually reach out to between 500 and 1000 customers in small batches over the course of the project.

Find what your customers value

Drop us your email address and we will personally follow up.