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Investigate Your Growth Rate

Revenue Growth is the yardstick of SaaS valuations. You want to grow as much as possible, but how much is reasonable to plan for?

lame MRR growth chart

Let's say you've had a couple exceptionally high-growth months: can you trust that the good times will keep rolling?

Or perhaps your revenue had a recent drop: was it because your whole customer base is about to freefall, or simply because some of your new customers are churning more than usual?

These questions can't be answered with big, abstract accounting numbers, but the picture becomes remarkably clearer when you view each month's new revenue as its own cohort of lifetime revenue:

amazing cohorted growth chart

Viewing your revenue in cohorts lets us measure key SaaS metrics (Growth Rate, NRR, LTV, etc) as evolving trends, rather than static numbers.

The trends tell us a lot about where your revenue is currently headed, and provide actionable ways for growing your revenue streams even faster.

If you're wondering what's happening "beneath the surface" of your MRR, we can show you exactly what's happening, and what to do about it.

We help you...

  • Measure Your Growth Velocity

    We start by reviewing your last 24 months of New Revenue, looking at each month's batch of new customers as a cohort so we can track the additional money produced by each group over time.

    Modeling your revenue growth using cohort lifetime data (instead of net revenue data) puts you more in tune with your dynamic business metrics like Growth Rate, Net Revenue Retention, Customer Lifetime Value, and more.

  • Forecast Your Future Revenue

    Getting a stronger read on the current velocity of your revenue growth lets us generate a more accurate projection of its future performance.

    If you're committing to company-wide growth goals, don't settle for fuzzy projections and best intentions. Hard data beats abstract guesses.

  • Plan Ways to Improve It

    We wrap everything up by packaging our most important findings and graphs in an executive summary.

    You can expect a bushelful of actionable, high-impact suggestions for scaling your revenue further, faster.

What we need from you:

  • A Pretty Simple Spreadsheet

    We look at your revenue growth over the past two years, tracked in cohorts based on acquisition month.

    You can see the exact scope here in the spreadsheet.

  • $5,000

    This service runs for $5k, billed up front.

    We can deliver your analysis within 1wk of receiving your spreadsheet and payment.

You might be wondering...

  • "What's wrong with my current way of tracking revenue?"

    Traditional SaaS metrics look at the behavior of the revenue produced across your entire customer base (aka "Net Revenue" and/or "ARR/MRR").

    That view provides a high-level glance at your growth rate, but it can't tell you a lot about where your growth rate is going.

  • "What's so wonderful about this different way?"

    If we instead measure the exact same revenue data in monthly cohorts, we get a much clearer picture of how your revenue growth is currently performing, and what it will look like moving forward.

    It might sound complicated, but it isn't. We can give you insights about your velocity for Growth Rate, NRR, LTV, and more with a single spreadsheet's worth of data.

  • "Is my data kept private?"

    Yes. You just need to give us access to the summary spreadsheet data, and we only share our analysis with you.

  • "Will this definitely help my business?"


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